Fluter IKEA Hemnes Dresser

May 27, 2023


High end look for less.

How I took my old IKEA Hemnes dresser and transformed it under $100.

More to come on this latest project! Can’t wait?

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After seeing this fluted look all over Pinterest and Instagram, I decided it was time to try it for myself! I heard that people had been using dowel rods from the dollar store to achieve this look – so off I headed to Dollar Tree to buy up all the dowels they had in the store. (Just kidding.)

What I bought:

Tools I used:

Watch the process here on my Instagram!

How did I go from this black stain to the white oak look?

To achieve the look of white oak…

it took some serious stripping with Citristrip and a good old putty knife. I also sanded the entire dresser down using my orbital sander.

White Oak Magic

So here is my trick to achieving the white oak look!!!! READY?!

I mix this Snuggly Teddy Bear color paint (or a color similar to it) with clear matte polyurethane. That’s it! The more paint you add the deeper the color. The less paint and more poly – the less paint color you see and more of the wood grain/original wood tone you see. So you can customize the stain color! I use this trick all the time!

Watch the process here!