Powder Room

March 27, 2024


My powder room has been one of my favorite creative outlets so far. So many pieces of this room were hand made – the cement floor tiles, the epoxy sink top and backsplash, the baseboards and ceiling beams.

I think it was a challenge to myself to see the possibilities of DIY – that beauty doesn’t haven’t to be sacrificed just because the renovation budget is small.

Dream it. Make it.

It all begins with an obsession with some gorgeous hand made clay tiles that were WAY out of my price league and timeline. The wait time to order the tiles was 6-8 weeks and very expensive to ship! I tried to find a way to justify spending gobs of cash on the flooring for my tiny powder room – but there was just no way.I started thinking that maybe I could make my own. I saw @vintagerevivals make square cement tiles and also found Ben Uyeda’s concrete tile tutorial on youtube. I could do it too right?! Well it took some trial and error but I was able to make these tiles you see here! I spent about $50 in supplies to make the tile molds and about $50 on cement. Make It